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17-11-2017 20-11-2018


Какво ти трябва в България, освен "връзки"?

Кариерните форуми са едно хубаво място, човек да срещне своя бъдещ работодател. Особено, ако е наживо. Но в наши дни, повече нещата са ориентирани към онлайн, което си има своите и хубави, и лоши страни. Но такъв е животът.

BNB CORRUPTION - = ECB and EC are full of rubbish employees and the recovery is impossible witout a fundamental change. Back in 2007 I was in the Bulgarian National Bank BNB where in front of me the corrupted stuff ,under the supervision of ECB and FED and similar to them, created a speculative stock and credit bubble. As evidence see the fake paper 77/2009 • Econometric Forecasting of Bulgaria's Export and Import where the author, now economist at ECB , admitted in front of me to have omitted the most significant variable explaining imports of bulgaria – the level of credit in the country, by order of his boss to conceal that the central bank created credit bubble deteriorated substantially the trade balance of the country. His wife bribed for driving licence the police. He bankrupted 5 times in business and job endeavors. Another example is the publication of the central bank Economic Review , where the author, then responsible for the real economy sector in the bank, now economist in EC, and edited by his bosses, wrote that the high capacity utilization of the economy means there will be more investments to heat up the overheated economy further with speculative intentions and nearly closed the stock exchange in Sofia after that. Investigate the property and illegal incomes of all the BNB corrupted stuff , ECB and EC and take legal actions for the mentioned crimes. The ECB and EC are full of similar economists so replicate their papers and models carefully for cheating and require responsibility. They are adverse selection employees as they give up a wage of 250 euro and are ready to accept a bet on 10 000 euro or end. As Buce Willis says in one movie – how to safe ECB and EC if we stay on the cheapest eastern european economists. Now the situation in FED and ECB is very similar as advenced countries spend 50 trillion munitions in fiscal and monetary policy to create 15 trillion bubble and earn speculatively 1 trillion at most.